• Step by step guide to clean shoes & suede

    Unlike most retailers, all of Attirecare's shoe care kit's come complete with a 100% premium hog hair bristled brush. This allows all materials to be cleaned without altering the look in any way. 
  • Production

    We pride ourselves on being a company where all of our products are made and manufactured within the United Kingdom. We like to keep our production close to home right where we can keep an eye on it, selling only products which we have confidence in, and more importantly, we would use ourselves. 
  • Altea Old Town

    The tones & textures of the town both offer huge amounts of inspiration for the brand, we absolutely love exploring new places and adopting our findings and what inspires us into the brand culture and reflect this in the products we create. 
  • How Attirecare's Crease Release & Garment Spray can help reduce your sustainable footprint...

    Attirecare hopes to reduce the amount of clothing going to landfills each year. Instead, we want to educate and encourage our customer on how to look after their garments and footwear in order to last as long as they were designed to do so, and more importantly, offer the products needed for that t
  • Secrets of The Protector

    The Protector spray is an invisible, odourless formula designed to repel liquids and protect your shoes and accessories from unwanted stains. The proofing spray creates a protective coating that prevents damage of your shoes or trainers from everyday spills and stains...
  • Taking better care of your Denim

    Attirecare’s denim wash is specially formulated with selected detergent agents alongside fresh wild cotton fragrances derived from natural oils. Denim wash is designed to not eat away at any of the cotton fibres, ensuring that a natural 'worn in' look is kept on all denim pieces and they smell good for longer.
  • How to remove red wine stains

    Red Wine Stain Remover removes stubborn and deep stains from clothing, shoes and also furniture. This product is designed to break down stains for professional and long-lasting results. Specially formulated to remove deep red wine stains from your favourite pieces this odourless, spray on formula lifts tough stains ready to be wiped clean in front of your eyes.
  • Talking Football & Attirecare with David Beckham & The British Fashion Council

    Founder Sebastian Collinge had the privilege of showcasing the whole Shoe & Garment care range to David Beckham at the Manchester Fashion Institute a couple of weeks ago. Where Beck's also took some samples home for himself to try. These products included our 'Shoe Care Travel Pack' and also our 'Red Wine Stain Remover' which he was very fond of.