Taking better care of your Denim


Taking better care of your denim

Help reduce the amount of energy used through unnecessarily washing and damaging your favourite denim...



Attirecare’s denim wash is specially formulated with selected detergent agents alongside fresh wild cotton fragrances derived from natural oils. Denim wash is designed to not eat away at any of the cotton fibres, ensuring that a natural 'worn in' look is kept on all denim pieces and they smell good for longer.

Antibacterial agents are also included within the formula, ensuring any dirt, bacteria and grime naturally built up throughout the day are eliminated, preventing the same bacteria from coming back. 




Directions for hand wash:


1. Fill a sink or bowl full of cold water.

2. Pour two lids full of denim wash into the water. 

3. Turn your jeans inside out before exposing to water.

4. Leave jeans to soak for at least 45 minutes.

5. Rinse thoroughly with cold water until all denim wash has gone.

6. Hand to air dry.  




Current estimates suggest that up to 81% of washes are followed by a drying cycle and although there have been modest improvements in their environmental performance, tumble dryers and washing machines remain enormously energy intensive.





Directions for machine wash:


1. Turn jeans inside out.

2. Pour two caps full of denim wash into the washing machine. 

3. set to delicate wash.

4. Hang to air dry. 



By using Attirecare's denim wash, this will help reduce the amount of energy used through washing jeans, instead, we are offering alternative eco-friendly ways of washing all denim products. Simply hand washing, setting your machine to a delicate wash and air drying, are amongst a few ways to improve the quality and look of your denim while reducing energy use.