Waterproof your wardrobe

Waterproof your garments and increase breathability

See before and after treatments below...

Images were taken from a raincoat which had lost its repellency shown in the untreated photograph at the top.

The team then cut the jacket in half, one half was treated with Attirecare Waterproofing Shot and as you can see the jacket has reproofed and water beading is present again.

Please note that protection and repellency will last up to six months, see below for the full method. 



Key features of the waterproof shot can include removal of odours whilst optimising breathability. This product is ideal for impregnating natural or synthetic textiles in a washing machine. It is recommended to apply the whole product within the rinse cycle of the washing machine. The impregnation effect is reached without loss of breathability of the fabrics whilst at the same time breaking down dirt and grime.


Now the important part, how do you reproof your favourite jackets? 


To use:

1. Add the entire 100ml contents of the bottle into the fabric conditioner compartment of the washing machine.

2. Wash as normal on a full cycle.

3. Drip dry and do not wring the fabric.

4. If the care label permits tumble dry to maximise repellency.