• Leather Cream Eucalyptus^ // 60ml
  • Leather Cream Eucalyptus^ // 60ml
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  • Leather Cream Eucalyptus^ // 60ml
  • Leather Cream Eucalyptus^ // 60ml

Leather Cream Eucalyptus^ // 60ml

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Leather naturally holds residual oil and moisture, and over time this residual oil and moisture tend to vaporise through the apertures of the leather, causing it to eventually crack.

Attirecare’s leather cream is suitable to be used on all types of leather to prevent this from happening, whilst conditioning and providing the vital nourishment that all leather goods need.

The leather cream cleans and protects, removing any unwanted dirt and oils still sitting on the surface of your beloved leather goods.

Frequent treatments will ensure all leather shoes and accessories last as long as they were designed to do so. We recommend treating leather shoes two times per month, or as often as required. This will, in turn, reduce the likelihood of the leather cracking.

Our formula has been blended with fresh Eucalyptus to help bolster the cleaning effectiveness whilst also naturally carrying great disinfectant properties.



Application - Apply small amounts of the cream onto a clean cloth. Slowly work into the leather in a circular motion. Buff to a shine.


Composition - Fatty Acid Amide, Derivative In Aqueous Emulsion, Eucalyptus Oil.


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