• Room Mist // Citrus Tea^
  • Room Mist // Citrus Tea^
  • Room Mist // Citrus Tea^

Room Mist // Citrus Tea^

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Renew your chosen space and elevate your surroundings with just a few sprays. 

The best-smelling Room Mist we’ve ever experienced! Using a blend of naturally derived 100% bio-based surfactants and essential oils. Designed to release the scent slower into the atmosphere creating a long and lasting aroma around your home alongside several other functional benefits. The Room Mist is a subtle blend of tea leaves, tangerine extracts, wood oils, and more, creating a distinct but welcoming scent that’s so good you’d want to wear it.

We take pride in the fact that there is nothing inside this product that you wouldn’t want around your home. Non-toxic and memorable, just how we like it.

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