• Red Wine Stain Remover // 250ml
  • Red Wine Stain Remover // 250ml
  • Red Wine Stain Remover // 250ml
  • Red Wine Stain Remover // 250ml

Red Wine Stain Remover // 250ml

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Time seems to slow down when you spill red wine and watch in horror as it splatters across your clothes, which are invariably crisp, clean white at the time, so we have developed the easy application Red Wine Stain Remover which will remove stubborn and deep stains from clothing, shoes, and furniture in just a few sprays. Phew.

Attirecare’s red wine stain remover is a quick and effective alternative to remove stubborn red wine stains. This product will remove pretty much all red wine stains off pretty much all material types. Returning them back to their original condition.

This product is suitable to be used for a wide variety of products including, furniture, carpets, garments, and many more!


Application - 1. Shake well before use. 2. Spray directly onto the stain that is to be removed. 3. Leave the solution to start to work its way into the red wine stain for a few minutes. 4. Dab with a clean dampened cloth until the stain has completely gone. 5. Machine wash as normal.

More Info - Red Wine Stain Remover contains a reducing agent in its formulary whose effects are similar to bleaching. Bleaches fall into two categories: Oxidisers (household bleach etc) and Reducers which are found in our Red Wine Stain remover. Oxidisers add oxygen and reducers remove oxygen. Both work in similar ways to remove stains.


When it comes to removing stains like red wine you are dealing with dyes and sometimes tannins that are organically present in the drink. Hence you need to look at specialist products. It is important to note that the colour of a stain is apparent because of how its molecule reacts to light. A reducer reacts with that molecule, then changes it to allow light to pass through unaltered, making the stain 'colourless'.


Composition - <5% Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, <5% Anionic Surfactants.

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