• REFILL FOR SURFACE SPRAY. Refillable home cleaning. Vegan, eco-friendly.

Clean Home Cepano^ // Refill

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Friends and neighbours were always asking us to refill their bottles once empty, so we wanted to develop a more accessible way for all of our customers to do this - allowing our premium glass vessels to live on and on. Now all you need for a refill is a single 100% biodegradable paper sachet then simply do the rest at home. We are so happy with these and can’t wait for our customers around the world to enjoy our products over and over again.

Replenish Sachets are also available through some of our core products including; Upholstery Spray Cepano^, Garment Spray Prima^, Crease Release Classic^ & Pillow Mist Cedarwood & Lavender.

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