About us

We (Abi and Seb) started the brand whilst living in Amsterdam, as part of our fashion degree in 2017. Seb on Denim Wash Development and Abi on the Swimwear Merchandising team. It was during this time, wandering around the streets of Amsterdam that we became so inspired by products, and the idea of once necessity type products now being something of aesthetically appreciation. We loved the lifestyle stores, and the hybrid cafe/shopping/experience element to the retail scene there. But we noticed that something was missing. There wasn’t much in the way of well designed, beautiful care products, yet hundreds of cosmetic and fragrance brands. We decided to look into this further, why was every corner of our apartment filled with nice alternatives to things; our hand wash, our candles, our moisturiser etc. Yet our washing detergent or our cleaning products were so ugly and smelt so manufactured?! It was there that the idea stemmed and developed. When we came back to Manchester to continue our studies, we went straight into launching the brand at the same time, using savings we’d managed to accumulate during our year away, whilst we finished our degrees. A lot's changed since then, but it’s still just the two of us day-to-day! We're so lucky to work with such amazing people every day to keep growing our brand, and we have so much more that we’re working on for the future. We ultimately want to disrupt our market and put more importance on the types of products we make, whilst growing a community-driven brand at the same time.

Reimagining traditional cleaning methods and laundry products is something we have become obsessed with! For many years these products have been overlooked, not only for their appearance but for the harmful ingredients within them. Without knowledge or understanding of these products, customers couldn’t be expected to know the negative effects the products they use every day might be having.

We like to think we’ve contributed and made steps forward for the industry by investing time in understanding the methods of creating a more sustainable garment & home care care future.