About us

Made with love. Made in Manchester

We (Abi and Seb) started the brand whilst living in Amsterdam, as part of our fashion degree in 2017. Seb on Denim Wash Development and Abi on the Swimwear Merchandising team. It was during this time, wandering around the streets of Amsterdam that we became so inspired by products, and the idea of once necessity type products now being something of aesthetically appreciation. 

We loved the lifestyle stores, and the hybrid cafe/shopping/experience element to the retail scene there. But we noticed that something was missing. There wasn’t much in the way of well designed, beautiful care products, yet hundreds of cosmetic and fragrance brands. We decided to look into this further, why was every corner of our apartment filled with nice alternatives to things; our hand wash, our candles, our moisturiser etc. Yet our washing detergent or our cleaning products were so ugly and smelt so manufactured?! It was there that the idea stemmed and developed. 

When we came back to Manchester to continue our studies, we went straight into launching the brand at the same time, using savings we’d managed to accumulate during our year away, whilst we finished our degrees. A lot's changed since then, but it’s still just the two of us day-to-day! We're so lucky to work with such amazing people every day to keep growing our brand, and we have so much more that we’re working on for the future. We ultimately want to disrupt our market and put more importance on the types of products we make, whilst growing a community-driven brand at the same time.



Sebastian Collinge, Abigail Brookes



We like to think our product offering is something unique and not currently available within the UK market. A place where you can shop responsibly-made care products for all aspects of your lifestyle, all under one roof. From our Shoe Care & Garment Care Ranges to our gift sets and Home Care ranges. We create products that don't only look great on your shelf but are also kind to our planet! We’ve developed all of our own signature scents (Aureum^, Prima^, and Cepano^) using natural essential oils that feature relevant properties for each products’ designated use. 

All of our product range is made to order; this way we can ensure batch codes are up to date and consumers can make the most of our products. We also feel that having an agile production model in today's climate is crucial for survival. Working this way has helped our growth and maintain strong relationships with key retailers! 



Sustainability is crucial for our products and brand ethos: all of our products come in recycled glass bottles, and we use aluminium tops where we can! We don’t use harsh chemicals in any of our formulas, to ensure they are kind to sensitive skin, delicate fabrics, and our planet! Furthermore, we like to think our products in their entirety are sustainable in the way they are used, promoting longevity within all sectors and preventing clothing/shoes from going to landfills unnecessarily. Instead, we hope to make those purposeful but sometimes mundane tasks a little bit more enjoyable.

Our tape is made from paper pulp that’s sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills, as well as natural glues and adhesives that come from plants (opposed to synthetic or petroleum-based glues). It’s biodegradable, compostable and non-toxic.



The peanuts used for protection in all of our packages come from corn starch instead of polystyrene, and again are 100% biodegradable and fully compostable, manufactured from annually renewable sources.



We are proud to say that all products sold on attirecare.com are now glass and fully recyclable!



All of the paper we use for our sleeves is from sustainable-certified sources.



Everything from our day-to-day and the production process is recycled and used to make other products in different industries.