About Us


Attirecare is a niche selection of Shoe, Garment and Home care products, inspired by travel and sustainable living. The reason we started the brand was to offer something that has the power to help the fashion and retail industry in a positive way is unique and also innovative to the market. 

The main aim for the business was to bring a collection of gender-neutral ‘aftercare products’ to the market which is aesthetically pleasing whilst at the same time can be used for their functional purpose. In a sense cleaning product, you would be proud to have on your shelf at home and not stuck away in some old cupboard somewhere collecting dust.

All of our products are made with care with no harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients which can affect the environment in a negative way. 

Our promise is that we would never sell anything that we have not tested or would not use ourselves. Ensuring that we are always keeping a close eye on the production where possible as all of our products are manufactured and made in the United Kingdom.

As a brand, we want to continue to innovate and improve as a whole, through sustainability and also the transparency of the company. Listening to every piece of advice and criticism we get from our ever-growing loyal customer base along the way.