INTRODUCING the Active-Wear Care Collection Peppermint^

As usual, our aim is always to provide the tools to help slow down your relationship with clothing, and your active wear is no different (albeit a little more demanding when it comes to keeping it clean!)

Peppermint is intentionally fused within this blend due to its naturally powerful, eliminating properties. Perfect for post-activity clothing! With the herbal addition of Clary-sage (a strong favourite within the Attirecare team) and the balancing warmth of Vanilla, the outcome is a refreshing fragrance designed to last on technical clothing.

Use our specially developed Active Wear Spray to prolong the distance between washes, or when your workout accessories need an extra spruce.

When your technical garments do need a wash, opt for our plant-based, conscious Active-Wear Wash. Designed to eliminate strong odours whilst keeping those specialist fabrics in tact.





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