BRISK^ Our Latest Scent

We commissioned British photographer and artist Sam Scales to create a body of work that represented the nature and feeling of what we wanted to depict in this scent and project. A special scent, a personal scent, one that we have had so much fun developing. The illustrations are woven throughout this project and embody the ingredients within.

Challenging the Garment and Home Care market as we know it; Brisk^

Our latest fragrance is one we’ve been working on for a long time (almost two years!) and is a marriage of our favourite ingredients that remind us of the British Countryside.

Getting lost in the woods, the cool smell of the ocean, frosty dog walks through bramble fields, Brisk^ embodies it all.

We had a lot of fun developing the illustrations & photography campaign alongside Sam, giving us the opportunity to really bring our products to life through a visual representation of what’s inside.

We’ve been admiring Sam’s work from afar for a long time, and knew that we wanted to work together on something special. When the idea sparked for our British scent, it seemed the perfect opportunity. Sam’s illustrations bring our meticulously selected ingredients to life in the best way and we love how the finished products turned out!

Products available in Brisk^ -
Garment Spray
Clean Home
Delicate Wash
Fabric Softener
Upholstery Spray

Brisk^ is a marriage of our favourite ingredients that remind us of home, the British Countryside. Blackberry brambles, Vanilla pods, Clary-sage, Violet and Sandalwood harmoniously blended together. The scent is universal to the seasons and will compliment your clothing and safe spaces all year round.

A sentimental journey, a ride of freedom and nostalgia. A classic, bold and creamy scent that takes us round the U.K. and into our homes and wardrobes.


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