We’ve teamed up with Lingerie brand Love Stories to create a Lingerie Wash


Made especially for your delicates. Following months of research, this all-natural formula provides the deepest cleaning to even the dirtiest undies, yet with the gentle touch that lingerie needs.



Nothing beats the smell of clean laundry, right? This natural blend of neroli, bergamot, jasmine and rosewood is like heaven in a bottle — a sustainable glass bottle, that is. The delicate formula helps to elongate the life of your most precious items, which is great news for you and for our planet.



All Love Stories items are artfully crafted from premium materials, so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Once your new loves end up in your lingerie drawer, proper care will help secure a long-lasting affair.


Available to shop at Love Stories in stores and online, Also on our own website.

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